GRACE President Kimberly Desotell

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Kimberly Desotell began the role of GRACE President in July 2015. She brings a wealth of experience in education and leadership as well as deep commitment to the Catholic faith to this leadership role.

Mrs. Desotell served as the Director of Development at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay before joining GRACE.  Her background in education includes experience as a grade school teacher, a principal, a technology and training specialist, consultant and administrator.

She holds a Master of Science from Cardinal Stritch University in Administration and Instructional Leadership. Her undergraduate degree is from St. Mary’s College-Notre Dame, Ind., where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a minor in Biology.

The Desotell family lives in Allouez and are active members at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Parish in Green Bay. They have three children.

Patron Saint: The Blessed Virgin Mary (She is the Queen of all Saints and the Mother of Jesus. She is also the patron saint of GRACE.) “I pray to St. Mary and ask her blessings and intercessions upon the children of GRACE daily.” ~ Kim

President Desotell’s Bio and Contact Information

GRACE Leadership Team

The President and principals at each school form the GRACE Leadership Team which meets regularly to collaborate and coordinate programming at GRACE schools. The Leadership Team reviews policies, creates the common school calendar, develops the staff professional development program and advises the President on matters common to the GRACE schools.

GRACE Bylaws

Diocese of Green Bay Office of Catholic Schools Curriculum & Board of Education Policy

Board of Directors


  • Chair: Bishop David Ricken
  • Vice Chair: Fr. Dan Felton
  • Secretary: Fr. Richard Getchel
  • Treasurer: TBA

Members of the Board of Directors

Meeting Schedule: Twice yearly, spring and fall.

Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees provides ongoing governance of the GRACE school system under the direction of the Board of Directors.


  • Chair: Bill Micksch
  • Vice Chair: John Peterson
  • Secretary: Open
  • Treasurer: Gerry Faller

Members of the Board of Trustees

Meeting Schedule:  Every other month throughout the academic year, August through June.

Meeting Minutes

Outline of the Board of Trustees and Committees

The Board of Trustees oversees five important committees.  These committees are comprised of trustees and members-at-large to provide leadership and support to the many facets of GRACE’s mission and vision.  These committees are reviewed below.

Catholic Identity Committee

This committee is dedicated to assuring integration of Catholic faith and practices within all curriculum content and co-curricular areas.  The committee serves GRACE schools by way of offering leadership and support to the Key Focus Area of Faith as outlined in the GRACE 2018-21 Strategic Plan:  a focus on keeping our Catholic faith at the core of our mission and incorporating it into all that we do.   Current goals and work of this committee involve the following Actions Plans.  Link to our Strategic Plan webpage for additional information.

FAITH:  Build Schools of Discipleship

  • F1 – Create and execute a program for family faith formation in collaboration with the parishes.
  • F2 – Develop a plan to understand how to use the Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education (ACRE) scores more effectively and execute that plan.
  • F3 – Create and execute a strategy to help students and staff grow in their Catholic faith and develop life-long commitment.
  • F4 – Create a strategy to develop more consistent religious instruction at all campuses.
  • F5 – Develop a strategy for GRACE schools to collaborate with partner parishes for regular community service and social awareness endeavors.
  • F6 – Build on CatholicLink initiatives to create a Catholic youth movement to support evangelization.

Catholic Identity Committee membership:  LINK HERE.

Education Committee

This committee is committed to assuring quality educational programs based upon standards, benchmarks and grade-level expectations. This committee focuses on educational decisions, curriculum, policy and protocols related to learning, instruction and teacher quality.

Education Committee membership:  LINK HERE.

Facilities Committee

This committee works to foster relationships between school and parish sites in order to achieve common goals involving safety, appearance and functionality, in order to provide and enhance an inviting, quality, faith-filled teaching and learning environment.

Facilities Committee membership:  LINK HERE.

Finance Committee

This committee is committed to establishing a budget that is as efficient and effective as possible in consideration of tuition, parish subsidy and third-source funding.

Finance Committee membership:  LINK HERE.

Human Resources Committee

This committee establishes and maintains procedures to attract, develop and retain qualified employees and volunteers for the school system. The committee also establishes and maintains personnel policies and procedures such as those related to compensation, benefits, compliance and personnel development.  The committee serves GRACE schools by way of offering leadership and support to the Key Focus Areas of Experience and Vitality as outlined in the GRACE 2018-21 Strategic Plan.  Current goals and work of this committee involve the following Actions Plans.  Link to our Strategic Plan webpage for additional information.


  • E1 – Explore and develop ways to enhance the sense of community at the individual sites.
  • E3 – Develop a continual “voice of the customer” process for feedback on critical issues including the community, neighborhood and mission field.


  • V1 – Create and expand endowment for facilities, teacher compensation and tuition assistance.
  • V6 – Develop and execute a strategy to recruit and retain top level teachers.
  • V11 – Establish a dashboard including Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and three-year goals.

Human Resources Committee membership:  LINK HERE.