Student Services

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Student Services

GRACE believes every child has gifts to be nurtured. Through our Student Services Program, we support teachers and students to ensure that each student receives a meaningful and responsive Catholic school learning experience.

Supportive Consultants

Each GRACE school has a dedicated person “Supportive Consultant” to work with and assist students and staff with students’ educational needs. Their daily support includes:

  • Provide identified assistance to students of need (academic, behavioral, social, other) as determined by a GRACE School Service Plan.
  • Oversee completion and distribution to parents of new and revised Teacher and GRACE Student Service Plans in collaboration with the classroom teacher(s). As needed, provide accommodation and modification recommendations.
  • Provide a copy of the student’s Service Plan progress at the end of each grading period to parents.
  • Attend Consultation and Individualized Education/Service Program (IEP/ISP) meetings.
  • Serve as the Site Coordinator for The Center for Advanced Academics (“The Center”).

Contact Information

GRACE Supportive Consultants contact information:

Reading Programs

The Barton Reading and Spelling Program and the Wilson Fundations Program, as part of our Reading Intervention Curriculum. Wilson Fundations is a multi-sensory, systematic phonics, spelling and handwriting program that benefits kindergarten through third-grade students. This program is supplemented by literature-based reading instruction.

For students needing extra support, repeated practice of Fundations lessons can be provided. Some of our schools are also using JUST WORDS, a word level intervention for struggling readers in grades 4-8. In addition, many GRACE schools have trained teachers providing intervention for students with dyslexia or language-based learning challenges.

The Center for Advanced Academics (“The Center”)

For high-achieving GRACE students, there is an opportunity to participate in The Center for Advanced Academics (“The Center”). Students participating in The Center classes offered through GRACE will not be charged a fee.

The Center is offered three times throughout the school year for GRACE students in grades 5-8 scoring a 95% or higher percentile ranking in the subject areas of reading and literacy on their most recent STAR assessment. A student scoring in the 90%-94% percentile ranking in reading and language usage can be eligible based on a school team decision.

Students participating in The Center are part of an online learning community led by a certified teacher in which they use higher-level thinking skills as they converse and learn with each other. The courses are relevant and challenging, and students interact with the world around them through explorative questioning. The Center’s research-based strategies for online instruction ignite imagination, evaluation, and creative thinking. Students meet face-to-face with each other and their instructor three times throughout the course at one of our host GRACE schools.

Successful students in The Center are self-motivated, possess good time-management skills, and are able to communicate with the instructor and other students participating in the class. Schools are advised that participation in The Center is to take the place of the student’s language arts and/or reading class for the duration of the course. Activities are designed to replace five hours of class work weekly and often require homework. Students receive a grade with comments from The Center at the completion of the course. For more information, please contact your student’s principal.