Academic Life


The curriculum leader at each GRACE school is the principal. Together, the GRACE principals also form a Leadership Team that works closely with our GRACE President to assess all components of the curriculum. GRACE schools follow the curriculum standards of the Diocese of Green Bay.

Our objective is to help children learn and develop critical thinking skills – along with their hearts and spirit. Together, we make things happen through Acts of GRACE – specific efforts to make our world a better place.

We believe the way people are treated matters. Together, we call on one another to ensure our education is framed by respect, accountability, inclusion and commitment to others. Walk our halls. You’ll see students engaged in learning, and you’ll witness our values in action.

Our GRACE schools have placed added importance on technology integration in recent years, and it shows. Today’s classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art overhead projectors, SMART Boards and other tools for teaching and learning. And middle school students are issued Chromebooks for school use. A state-approved GRACE Technology Plan guides the improvements and planning for each school.

You are always welcome in a GRACE school. Please contact the school principal to discuss the curriculum at the school.