Enrollment for the 2021-22 school year launched on January 31, 2021 in conjunction with Catholic Schools Week. We encourage early enrollment to ensure your child’s seat for attendance in our GRACE school system.

Re-enrollment during the school year is subject to review and approval on a case-by-case basis. Upon re-enrollment approval, a child will be permitted to attend after a minimum of two business days following completion of the enrollment process.

Returning GRACE Families

In late January 2021, GRACE families received a re-enrollment welcome email from their child’s current GRACE school via  The email contained a link specific to each current student. This link is specific to the student/family and is not to be used for other students or by other families. The link directs the parent/guardian to the TADS enrollment website where the online re-enrollment process is to be completed. Each child’s name will be listed with a prompt to “click here to enroll.” Alternatively, a current GRACE family may log in directly using their existing Family Login information and follow the prompts to re-enroll.

The online re-enrollment process involves the following important steps. All steps must be completed in their entirety to reserve each child’s seat for the 2021-22 school year.

Step 1

Answer required enrollment registration questions for each child.

Step 2 

Pay the enrollment fee. This is a per-family fee per the enrollment fee schedule applicable at the time of enrollment (see our Tuition and Fees webpage). The TADS system will request the enrollment fee be paid after the registration questions are answered for the first child. If there are additional children to re-enroll, be sure to continue to complete the registration questions for remaining children and then complete Steps 3 and 4.

Step 3

Create your tuition agreement. Once the enrollment registration questions have been completed for each child and the enrollment fee has been paid, the tuition agreement must be created. Tuition and fees will be outlined along with terms and conditions requiring acknowledgement.

Step 4

Set up your billing account and payment plan. This step entails design of your payment plan by selecting the desired payment method and schedule from established options. Payment plans begin after July 1, 2021.

At the conclusion of Step 4, an enrollment confirmation message will appear online in the system. This confirmation message will contain an invitation to apply for GRACE Financial Aid should the family wish to do so. Details regarding GRACE Financial Aid are available on the Tuition Assistance webpage.

Current GRACE families who wish to enroll new/additional children to the GRACE school should re-enroll their existing students first. Afterward, the family is to submit a new admission application for their additional child/ren by selecting the Admissions tab within the TADS system. Once an admission application is submitted, please wait for further communication. All admission applications undergo review, and the process is not immediate. This review may require an interview or provision of additional information for which you will be contacted by the school office to arrange. Once an admission application is accepted, an email will convey the acceptance and instructions to complete the online enrollment process.

Seats are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a class is filled, a wait list is established.