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Technology Services

GRACE Technology Vision

The GRACE school system’s technology vision is to promote resource sharing, innovation and communication skills in an ethical and responsible manner. GRACE students will be 21st century learners who are well-prepared for living and working in a global society.  

GRACE Technology Overview

The use of technology throughout a child’s school day enhances and supports the educational standards of our curriculum. GRACE uses the “Google Workspace for Education” platform for students and staff. All students in grades 4-8 are provided with a Chromebook to be used throughout the day to complete learning activities. Students in kindergarten through grade 3 are provided a Chrome tablet to support classroom learning guided by their teachers. Preschool students are provided devices to support classroom learning as needed.  

The GRACE school system prepares students for an ever-changing world that sees technological advancements happening at a rapid rate and is committed to preparing students for whatever educational path they choose. GRACE-issued technology devices are used to further personalize the way each student uses time, receives support to master essential skills, and deepens understanding of content. Using technology in the classroom is vital to preparing GRACE students with the 21st Century skills they need to excel in our globally competitive world.

GRACE Technology Curriculum

We are currently in the process of creating our GRACE Technology Curriculum. We are utilizing two key resources for developing this curriculum, the Diocese of Green Bay and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). The GRACE technology standards are developed to be integrated into other subject areas to provide purposeful, real-life application of skills.  

GRACE Digital Learning Plan

The creation of the GRACE Digital Learning Plan was completed by a comprehensive team representing a wide background of knowledge and experience. The intent of this plan is to be a living document that is reviewed biannually with a 3-year goal-setting cycle. The plan is designed to reflect the 3 main technology areas that affect our educational environment: Infrastructure, Integration and Learning.

GRACE Technology Digital Learning Plan 2023-26