Cardinal Dolan shines spotlight on GRACE

The GRACE school system was honored to be featured on SiriusXM radio’s “Conversation with Cardinal Dolan” program.

His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, spoke with GRACE President Kimberly Desotell about our school system and an anonymous donor’s generous $1,000 gift to each of our nearly 190 contracted teachers for their talent and commitment to in-person education this past school year.

The segment also re-aired on the Catholic Faith Network. To watch the video, please click here. The conversation between Cardinal Dolan and President Desotell begins shortly after the 27-minute mark and lasts for 8 minutes.

Thank you Cardinal Dolan for your support of our GRACE school system. The teachers and staff members here at GRACE, in partnership with our families and parishioners, are truly blessed to be able to build academic excellence and life skills while growing our students in the Catholic faith.