Students at St. John Paul II Catholic School listen intently.

Resurgence in Classical Education Piece Featured in The Compass

Alex Wolf, headmaster at St. John Paul II Catholic School, recently composed a column in The Compass highlighting the importance of classical education.

“The purpose of Catholic classical education is simple. It is to better know, glorify and ultimately enjoy God,” writes Wolf in the piece, “This happens through the study of the great academic traditions, in the form of curriculum and teaching methods, handed down to us through Western civilization. If education is altered to dissolve this tradition, or removes God altogether, the result is pure confusion.”

He discusses the significant return to classical education in depth and the reasoning for it. Patrick McKeown, headmaster at Chesterton Academy, also weighs in.

“People are re-imagining and rediscovering what can be loved, understood and embraced from the enormous depth of not only Western civilization, but from the church herself who has long been civilization’s greatest champion. In that manner, Chesterton schools cultivate holy students that are articulate, clear-thinking, well-rounded and, very importantly, joyful individuals engaged in a content-rich curriculum,” adds Mr. McKeown.

Read Mr. Wolf’s entire column about classical education’s importance on The Compass’s website here.

The Compass is the official publication for the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay.