Reopening GRACE Schools 2020-21

Tuition and Fees

As a non-profit entity, Catholic schools are dependent upon tuition to meet their contractual obligations for salaries and benefits of staff as well as balance our budgets. Our GRACE schools do not charge the actual cost to educate a student, therefore every tuition dollar and fundraising dollar matters to help us maintain operational vitality of our schools. Please understand that a reduced rate for tuition is not a financial possibility for our schools. Families needing tuition assistance are encouraged to apply through TADS as we work hard to make Catholic education affordable to all.

As a result of the pandemic, we also are experiencing a number of unanticipated expenses, including additional hygiene and sanitation products to help assure a safe environment for our students, teachers and staff throughout our nine schools and administrative office; additional technology and learning resources; and increased support for our families and parishes that have been impacted financially.

In addition to those unanticipated expenses, we continue to maintain our fixed expenses such as teacher and staff compensation, school building rent to our parishes, and utility and technology support services.

We will continue to provide outstanding academics and develop the Catholic faith in our students whether they are attending in person at school or online at home.