Reopening GRACE Schools 2020-21

Safety and Sanitation

Families should consult the GRACE school site plan for additional details related to safety and sanitation protocols to begin the new year. All site plans are prepared and have been published to enrolled school families. 

Student and staff safety is our top priority. Our plans will reflect guidance from the Diocese of Green Bay, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, State of Wisconsin and Brown County Health & Human Services Department.

Preliminary Guidelines:


  • Consistent protocols are being developed for every classroom, including a list of sanitation products needed in every room, hand washing schedules, and general heightened protocols to ensure safety
  • Cleaning/Sanitation Guide for GRACE Schools (may be viewed HERE)
  • Washing hands and using hand sanitizer more often
  • GRACE mask protocols (may be viewed HERE)
  • Social distancing
  • Temperatures taken by parents to start the day
  • Increased daily and weekly protocols
  • Fewer shared supplies from student to student
  • A formal relationship with a school nurse from Prevea has been established GRACE-wide
  • A Decision Tree for COVID-19 symptoms from the Brown County Health Department is currently under review. A draft of the Decision Tree is available HERE
  • COVID-19 Safety Training for all employees and students
  • Students will be asked these 3 questions upon entrance into school each day (if any “yes” answers are given, parents will be contacted and the student will be sent home):
    • Have you been exposed to the virus?
    • Are you having symptoms?
    • Is anyone at home sick?
  • Each school site is publishing a site-specific safety/cleaning plan unique to that facility. Several of those plans have been shared. Others will be published within the next few days by the building principal.
  • A local professional cleaning company will provide weekly sanitization and disinfectant services. The service will include a fogging agent that is people- and food-safe. The applications will be made to all of our schools during non-school hours.
  • A professional cleaning and cleaning supply company will provide hand sanitizer units throughout all of our schools. The units will be located in each classroom and in other public areas of each school building.
  • Technology Services Cleaning Recommendations

Drinking Water

  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bubblers for water bottles only

Creating Space for Distancing

  • Reconfigured spaces/desks to allow additional distancing
  • Fewer furnishings in all rooms

Physical Barriers

  • Plexiglass barriers are being installed in all school buildings and will be located in school offices, sick rooms and lunch serving lines

Safety Signage

  • Hand hygiene
  • Social distancing
  • Symptoms
  • Disinfecting
  • Increased hand sanitation stations

Building Layout

  • Adjusted student patterns
  • Possible classroom relocation within building to provide distancing
  • Protocols for hallway logistics and directions, playground zones, staggered entry doors and cafeteria spaces are being developed
  • Arrange classrooms to allow teachers and students to distance

Day to Day

  • Non-essential visitors not permitted at this time (no classroom volunteers)
  • All essential visitors must wear masks at all times
  • Field trips postponed through the first trimester
  • Building teams are working on reconfigured spaces/desks in each classroom to allow increased distancing
  • School schedules are being reviewed to minimize student and teacher mixing as possible, practical and necessary
  • Bring in specialist teachers (e.g., music, art, Spanish) to individual classrooms vs. rotating all students through a shared space
  • Whenever possible, hold physical education and music classes outside and encourage students to spread out


  • Frequent and efficient


  • More focus on student and staff wellness initiatives


  • Reassign staff as needed to cover daily operational needs prioritizing student learning and safety
  • Staff self-select to teach in Virtual Academy vs. face-to-face school as we begin the year