Reopening GRACE Schools 2020-21

Illness & Absenteeism Protocols

IMPORTANT: If a household member is being tested for COVID-19 due to symptoms or close contact, GRACE students and GRACE employees in that household should remain out of school until results are received. This elevated practice, which exceeds the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, is a means toward our goal of keeping our GRACE schools open for learning and faith in a safe and responsible manner. Please note, this protocol would not apply to household members tested routinely in their places of employment or college students tested regularly as a general practice on the campus. Other exemptions should be discussed with your GRACE principal.

The directions on protocols for COVID-19 symptoms have been drafted by the Brown County Health Department and were distributed to schools. Please click HERE for details of the draft. Further discussions are planned with the Brown County Health Department to clarify and publish communication protocols. Please also see these documents: