Reopening GRACE Schools 2020-21

Food Service

Students will continue to eat in school cafeterias to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Walk-throughs have been conducted at each site by the GRACE Director of Food Service and the principals to evaluate and position for social distancing during lunch periods. There will be increased cleaning and sanitation throughout each school cafeteria. Food Service is staying up-to-date with recommendations from the Department of Public Instruction as well as the Centers for Disease Control.

Schools are adding additional lunch periods where needed, adding more tables as applicable, and utilizing other spaces if needed to have students space out. For example, a long, large, folding lunch table on wheels now will hold a maximum of 4 students, a long banquet table will hold 3 students, smaller round tables will hold 3 students, and larger round tables will hold 4 students. Places where students are to sit will be marked with tape.

A plexiglass barrier will be installed on all serving windows, with only a space at the end utilized to give students their individual, requested trays. All items will be placed on trays by food service staff, behind the plexiglass shield, before students touch their tray. Thus, students will only touch their specific tray, and then head to marked spots on the lunchroom tables.

Classrooms also will be staggered coming down to the lunchroom, and being released from the lunchroom. This limits the length of a meal service line and allows students to space out so one classroom is through before another comes down or leaves.

We will not use volunteers/parents/students to help serve meals until further notice. All food service staff will be behind the service line for lunch, thus providing adequate back-of-house serving needs. Duties such as lunch period supervision and sanitizing/wiping down tables are based on school site discretion. Some sites may be allowing essential volunteers, which are volunteers who assist consistently as opposed to changing daily.