Reopening GRACE Schools 2020-21


School leaders are working with parish priests and administrators to determine times and dates to safely celebrate School Mass.

Weekend Masses are continuing to be celebrated at area Catholic churches. Please check with your home parishes for specific guidelines and times. We also ask you to please support our Catholic parishes financially. Online giving is available at most parishes.

To see more resources available on the Diocese of Green Bay website, please click HERE.

Religion will be a main component of the Our Lady of Grace Virtual Academy and will remain a primary and vital aspect of our learning lessons overall. Many of our religion materials used in the classroom have online components that will be used in the Virtual Academy.

In order to get students ready for religion instruction this fall, please check out some resources that your whole family can do during this last month of summer:

In addition, all GRACE families are asked to pray Bishop David Ricken’s Coronavirus Deliverance Prayer:

In the Name of Jesus, And by his Most Precious Blood,

With your oceans of Mercy, Lord, By the power of the Holy Spirit,

COVID-19 and any other forms of infectious diseases,

I order you to be

Disabled, Discharged, And defeated!

Take your hands off of me, My family, My property, My finances,

My work, My parish, My Church, My community,

My State, My Country, And the world!

You, COVID-19 and all other infectious diseases,

Are hereby disabled, discharged, and defeated,

In the Holy Name of Jesus, By His Most Precious Blood,

By the overflowing Mercy of God’s love, And by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Amen and Amen!