Reopening GRACE Schools 2020-21


Academics will reflect a traditional classroom learning mode to focus on safety as we reopen our GRACE schools. Our plans are developed to allow for a fluid response keeping in mind staff, student and parent capacity along with financial resources of our system, schools and supporting parishes. 

GRACE families were provided an option to select online learning to begin the school year if they do not wish to return face to face. Surveys were sent to families on Aug. 3 and needed to be completed by Aug. 6.

GRACE will work to address the social, emotional and spiritual needs of all students. We will offer needed human interaction in a safe environment. We will utilize the first weeks of school to rebuild relationships and debrief experience establishing a “new normal” for the year ahead.

Families are invited to view our GRACE Parent Summer Newsletter by clicking HERE.

Music, choir and band will shift to a “theory” approach vs. a performance-focused mode of instruction. For example, band and choir classes will include lessons on rhythm and composing, and music lessons will include lessons on history, notation and instrument families. This mode of instruction will be analyzed each trimester going forward through the pandemic.