Get a step ahead and enroll your 3- or 4-year-old child in a GRACE school. Our hands-on, play-based approach ensures learning is both challenging and child-centered in an environment focused on faith-filled activities and development.

Learn more by reading the following overview information and discover the Program Offerings and Rates for each school in the summary posted below.

Development and Supportive Environment

Our preschool education program focuses on preparation for kindergarten and beyond through exploration, social interaction and play – the right balance to develop, support and challenge your child. Our classrooms are fun and adventurous, where life skills and kindergarten preparation are taught through play. Children are encouraged to explore and discover their surroundings. They learn how to play with others, understand how things work, problem solve and use their imagination.

Faith-Based Benefits

Your child will learn and grow in a faith-based environment where Christian values are promoted and character development is part of every day activity. Our preschool program introduces Jesus’ role by incorporating the love of God into our daily activities.

Your child will learn from teachers and mentors who are loving, nurturing and faith-centered.

Financially Affordable

Selecting a GRACE preschool education program is a great financial decision. GRACE’s program rates are often less than many day care options. Plus, your child will grow in an environment focused on faith and development.

Flexible Schedules

GRACE schools tailor programs to the needs of our parents. Both morning and afternoon preschool programs and multi-day combinations are available. Contact your school of choice for details concerning program options.

Many GRACE schools offer multiple options for before and after school care. We know you live a busy life and we want to help by ensuring your child is safe and in a family-like environment when not at home.

Program Offerings and Rates

Please select the link below for a summary of the offerings and rates for preschool education at our nine GRACE schools.

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