GRACE works with families to find a way to make Catholic education accessible to all students no matter their income. There are a number of ways that tuition can be managed and/or reduced. Families can set up payments and pay tuition over the course of multiple months. Families who have multiple children enrolled in GRACE in grades kindergarten through eighth grade are eligible for the multi-child tuition discount. Read more about the payment plan options and multi-child discount on our Tuition and Fees web page. There are many additional options to explore to manage or reduce tuition.

GRACE Tuition Assistance

The deadline for 2020-21 GRACE Financial Aid Applications was extended to May 15, 2020 and has now passed.  Applications completed/submitted after May 15th will undergo review only if financial dollars permit.

The GRACE Financial Aid Program supports over 250 students each year. As more families seek faith-based education, the GRACE Board of Trustees continues to grow the program. The establishment of scholarship endowments also help keep program funding at levels to meet family requests.

GRACE Financial Aid is available for families who have students enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade.

  • The online financial aid application portal for the 2020-21 academic year is open.
  • After the online enrollment process is completed, a GRACE family may apply for financial aid online via TADS.
  • The application deadline was extended to May 15, 2020 and has passed.
  • Award determinations is anticipated to occur in early June.
  • If applications are completed/submitted after May 15th, they will undergo review only if financial dollars permit.
  • For information regarding 2020-21 enrollment, please see the Enrollment web page.

In addition to the GRACE award, many of the Catholic parishes and schools also work with GRACE to make additional funds available to assist qualifying families.  Inquire with your school principal to learn about school-specific assistance.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

The application period for 2020-21 Choice Applications is now CLOSED.

The program allows students in designated preschool programs through seventh grade, who meet entry, residency and eligibility requirements to receive state aid for their full tuition and attend one of our GRACE schools.  Program criteria is specific and the application period is in the spring each year. The application deadline is strict!

Families must apply during the open application period in order to qualify. The application period for 2020-21 has been updated to February 3 – May 14, 2020.  Please apply early and plan accordingly. In addition to submission of the online application, all required application documentation must be received by GRACE’s Outreach Administrator prior to to 4:00 p.m. on May 14, 2020 – no exceptions.  Please refer to the Private School Choice Program web page for more information.

Wisconsin Tax Deduction for Tuition Expense

The Governor has signed tax legislation into law, giving Wisconsin taxpayers the opportunity to deduct private school tuition expenses from their taxable income beginning on or after January 1, 2014. A subtraction from income is allowed for tuition expenses that are paid for any of the GRACE schools. Parents/guardians are eligible for a maximum deduction of $4,000/child in grades K-8 and $10,000/child in grades 9-12. Students transitioning from eighth to ninth grade are eligible for both deductions. Per the instructions, any amount spent on tuition and book fees are eligible for the deduction. Book fees include digital books, such as laptops or tablet fee issued by the school. All expenses incurred after January 1, 2014, are eligible for the deduction.

Tuition tax credit information is available to GRACE families online via GRACE’s enrollment management system, TADS.  The TADS Household Paid Tuition Tax Report will provide a breakdown of payments made for the specified household’s tuition account during the tax year. When gathering information for tax preparation, GRACE families are to access their TADS account | select Billing | Billing Account Number | Reports | Household Paid Tuition Tax Report | enter the year (i.e. 2019) and submit. If you have questions or require assistance, please call TADS Parent Support at 1-800-477-8237.

SCRIP Tuition Reductions

A SCRIP program at each school allows for families to buy gift cards through their school for the items or gifts they purchase everyday, such as gas, clothing, groceries and restaurants. Once school requirements are met (see each school’s Enrollment Contract for details on SCRIP requirements), a percentage of what is purchased can be discounted off tuition. For more information, please contact your school’s principal.

School/Parish Assistance

Many Catholic parishes and schools work with GRACE to make additional funds available to assist qualifying families. For further details, please contact your school’s principal or parish.