GRACE Technology 

The use of technology throughout the child’s school day enhances and supports the educational standards of the curriculum. As the Catholic elementary schools joined together as GRACE, we found the schools were at varying levels of technology.

The GRACE Technology Plan is developed by GRACE technology personnel to provide technology guidelines to enhance the educational opportunities at all GRACE schools. Input is obtained from school representatives, GRACE principals, representatives from the Diocese of Green Bay Education Department and the GRACE education subcommittee.

The GRACE Technology Plan is reviewed annually with a new plan implemented every three years.

GRACE Technology: One-to-One Initiative for Students in Grades 4-8

All GRACE students in grades 4-8 receive a Chromebook for use in their classes. The teachers integrate the use of the Chromebook into their daily lessons and continue to explore the possibilities. The students enjoy the convenience of the Chromebook in all their courses, while learning lifelong skills and tools.

GRACE Technology Plan Goals: “It is not a fork in the road, it is a new road”

Several goals were identified of how to successfully provide and implement technology in all our GRACE schools for faculty to educate our students in various skills and subjects.

  • Goal 1: Technology for Student Achievement
  • Goal 2: Effective Teaching and Learning Practices
  • Goal 3: Access to Informational Resources and Learning Tools
  • Goal 4: Support Systems and Leadership

As we obtain these technology plan goals, we are also developing new initiatives with consideration of the GRACE Strategic Plan.

We continue to enhance the educational environment to provide our teachers the tools and support necessary for them to engage the students and reinforce lessons in the classroom.

GRACE Technology Plan

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